Your life on social media, particularly if you are in active litigation:

Everyone reads what you post; it stays there forever, no matter how hard you scrub your sites. This means that people that wish you ill will be reading EVERTHING you EVER posted. You can’t change the past; you CAN stop the bleeding. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t paint on a billboard above an interstate highway.
Here’s an example: One of my siblings in the bar just finished a jury trial on a slip-and-fall; plaintiff had posted photos and comments about her exploits post-injury in a semi-pro roller derby league. As you might imagine, this fact, when presented to the jury, gave the plaintiff’s case the flight profile of a free-falling grand piano.
I am not saying that you ought to become an electronic hermit. I am saying that your words and pictures may be used as cudgels to hit you with. It might be wisest to pull down your shades for a little while, particularly if you are on sites like FetLife.
Good luck.