About two years ago, I wrote to the editor of the Custer County Chief, suggesting that the candidates for Nebraska Attorney General ought to consider enforcing Neb. Rev. Stat. section 48-145.01, which imposes criminal and civil penalties on employers who are too cheap to pay for workers’ compensation insurance. So far as I know, the Attorney General has done nothing on this issue since taking office. Now I hear that he justifies the cost of death penalty cases by observing that his office and the county attorneys who procecute such cases are getting paid salaries. I suggest to the Attorney General that the valuable salaried public employees now devoted to death penalty case have other, more productive things that can be done with their time from a monetary point of view. The yearly sum unpaid to doctors, medical providers, and injured taxpayers for failure to enforce this statute is just one of the many dollars-and-cents issues that ought to be addressed by our elected justice system officials.