He's the guy who taught you the Cash Confetti ability. You will need at least 30 of them to reach 100%. Follow 8180. Upon arrival, Kiryu notices a woman in red, but upon closer inspection, she's old! The price of the item won't increase it any faster, so feel free to buy the cheapest item. That substory is available a little further on in this chapter, so don't worry too much about doing this right now. Interact with him and he'll explain how he makes so much money. Reward: (There is no fixed cash reward)Similar to Kamurocho, you'll find Mr. Shakedown's wandering around Sotenbori. Come to his rescue and you'll finish this substory. Simply follow him to they alley and he asks Kiryu to be his bodyguard in exchange for some techniques. Location: Chapter: Reward: Pink Street North: 10 Super Spicy Knife Talk to the telephone club clerk on … Starting Point: Senryo Avenue NorthPrerequisites: None. Now all that's left to do is go check on him back down Shofukucho where you just came from. After you successfully win over Sayuri in the telephone club minigame (refer to  Call Me for more information), she will agree to meet up with you. Once you arrive at Ashitaba Park, talk to the man in the black suit and accept his offer. Approach them and speak to the woman. After your third time watching a video, enter Gandhara again for a scene. This will be your toughest opponent yet. The girl was just messing with him. After the scene, the substory ends. Afterwards, you'll have to go back to where you fought Ryuki (near Magutako) to help him out with the kids looking for revenge. The following substory becomes available after learning the Beast style. You'll receive three Pearls if you got everything right, and after the scene, the substory ends. He goes by the name of Sato, and much like Egashira, you'll find him wandering around Kamurocho. Starting Point: Park AlleyPrerequisites: None. I would recommend this setup: Ultra Soft Tires, Balanced Frame, High Torque Motor 2.0, Balanced Gears, Regular Battery, and the Side Stabilizer. Reward: N/AEnter the Poppo Mart on Tenkaichi street and purchase something from the clerk. Clear up the little misunderstanding, and after a few scenes, the substory will end. Once again, it can be on any difficulty. Note: It's recommended that you bring plenty of healing items with you for the next part. Talk to the merchant and go after the guy who left and ask him to tell you the password. When you're done, Emiri will have a conversation with you, finishing this substory and unlocking her as a friend. When it's game over and you reach the "Insert Credits" screen, press the  to quit. How to Sprint – Yakuza 0. Once it's over, this substory will end and you'll unlock him as a friend. Yakuza 0's story is pretty linear for the most part but there's a particular part in Chapter 9 that may have you a little stumped. It turns out the person who wanted to see you is Daigo (you'll know who he is if you've played other Yakuza games). Refer to the list in substory #59's description to see all of the choices that lead to the announcer reading them out. Forum Posts. Once you leave, you'll see that the queue has now gone. It seems someone didn't appreciate Majima's singing and he will start a fight with you. How/when can I get back to Sotenbori as Kiryu in Yakuza 0? Once you've done that, exit the building and then re-enter. Prove her wrong by beating her and this will end the substory. This ends the substory. Reward: Wild Shirt (Armour), Krazy Kyo (Advisor)Enter Shichifuku Street West from Theater Square and a strange man will bump into you, does his best to throw some insults at you, and then runs off. Even if you fail, you're given another chance. I'm working on going through and doing all of the completion things so I need to get to Sotenbori. Os traemos una suculenta y extraordinaria oferta para haceros con Yakuza: Like a Dragon para Xbox Series X|S y Xbox One. After that's over, reload the area by entering and exiting a building (or just go far enough away), then go to the entrance of Theater Avenue (just across the street from where the two men were) and you'll see Kato from substory #9. You can try as many times as you need to. Starting Point: KomianPrerequisites: None. Reward: N/AWhen you walk near the south of Senryo Avenue North, you'll be stopped by a police officer who wants to search you in order to make sure you're not carrying anything dangerous. Exit the game by pressing . Go to the intersection just south of the shrine and you'll be approached by two desperate members of a film crew who need your help. It doesn't matter what you choose here as you need to pick them all anyway. Reward: Miss Tatsu (Beast Ability Master)After you meet Tatsuane and learn the Destroyer style, take a taxi to Tokyo: Pier and speak with her there. The hooligan will attack you, and after defeating him, the substory ends. When the scene ends, so do does this substory. The following substories become available after completing the Cabaret Club tutorial when your objective is to head over to the Grand. After you successfully win over Mirei in the telephone club minigame (refer to  Call Me for more information), she will agree to meet up with you. Majima steps in to defend her, and after defeating him, she decides to "reward" you with a kiss. After this is over, Erran-kun will arrive and you're given the option of telling him the truth or lying about what happened. Accept his offer and he'll explain how he's in love with the girl in the video and he'd like you to find her for him. Speak with Iori and choose "Call Her Iori". Look below for some answers that lead to the best conclusion. Koshimizu comes to its rescue, making Kiryu and Marina satisfied with their decision to hire him. Yakuza 0 is a prequel game in the action-adventure series set in the cities of Japan. Starting Point: SunshinePrerequisites: This substory triggers automatically once you complete all of Hibiki's special training. Make sure you pick "Move in for a Better Look" which will cause Kiryu to notice yet another girl matching the description and then choose "Talk to the Farther Woman". After the scene, the substory ends. He insists on going alone no matter what. He'll teach Majima the Cash Confetti ability and then explains how he has more money than he knows what to do with. You'll be given three attempts at the UFO Catcher to get a prize. To complete this substory, you have to beat him in a fight. Walk a short distance away so the exclamation mark (!) After the fight, Taiyo asks for you some advice on taxation policy. appears on your map and then return to the takoyaki stand. Reward: Secret Wallet (Accessory), Riri Kuribayashi's Gandhara VideoJust outside Le Marche Sotenbori on Shofukucho East, you'll see two men standing around. Tell Iori that "Your mom's gonna be heartbroken!" He'll take you somewhere to ask some questions. Be careful about going too far ahead of him. This causes them to turn their anger on you. The calling minigame was fun (and new which is nice), but trying to do all the substories was kinda miserable. Reward: Calming Towel (Accessory), Rina Ito's Gandhara VideoGo to the toilets in Ashitaba Park and you'll be given the option to go inside. Interact with it and you'll learn that's because it's a performer. You must beat him to finish the substory. Starting Point: Pocket Circuit StadiumPrerequisites: You need to complete "The Greatest Glory" (Substory #42) and also see the Pocket Circuit Fighter's last friendship event (at 100%). The Greatest Glory is the 42nd substory in Yakuza 0. For some answers that lead to the best possible outcome, look below. You'll find a woman in gold clothing standing not far from the entrance. Reward: Shoulder Bag Save PointGo to the save point on Sotenbori Street West and interact with it. The following substory becomes available after searching for weapons at The Dragon & Tiger Sotenbori and collecting the items found. 66% Upvoted. Do you have what it takes to become Yakuza. Upon arrival, Kiryu walks up to the girl who matches Mirei's description and asks if it's her. Reward: Dark Purple (Slot Car Decal)Enter the Pocket Circuit Stadium (exit and re-enter if you're doing this right after substory #41) and you'll encounter a scene. The purpose of this guide is to explain how to complete the 100 substories and ways to raise all of the friendship gauges found in Yakuza 0 in the best possible way. Sachiko is the girl with long black hair, wearing a blue scarf. After an unnecessarily long conversation dancing around the fact, what this basically amounts to is that he'll allow you to exchange money between the two main characters. This ends the substory. Yakuza 0; Mini Guide for Telephone Club-related Substories; User Info: Aripene. Ranged weapons will also help if you find yourself in a  tight spot.After defeating them, Suda will thank you and hands over the Encounter Finder accessory as a reward. I need to give those drunks their alcohol. When you get to the meetup place, make sure you pick "Talk to the Girl in Front" so you don't have to re-do the minigame with her. Talk to the boyfriend who believes his girlfriend is selling her body and agree to go investigate. Against his wishes, she brings him to a hotel where unspeakable things will happen to him. This ends the substory. Starting Point: Shofukucho WestPrerequisites: None. There are will be three waves of enemies you need to defeat when under the effects of different drugs. After he's done, talk to him again and he'll give you a little tutorial on the Pocket Circuit Racing minigame. Interact with the queue again and the old bag will cut in front of you, but this time with a friend. The first one you'll find is a guy named Kawabashi. After completing the course she has set up, you'll finish the substory and now you'll be able to train with her. Reward: N/AEnter Sushi Gin and order something. Reward: N/AAfter fulfilling the prerequisites above, enter the Pocket Circuit Stadium to see an event where Kiryu and Fighter are standing over the track (you may need to exit and re-enter). Make sure you pick "Point out the Inconsistency in Her Statements" followed by "Summary and Signature Dishes" when given the option. After completing Ai's customer service final, this substory will trigger. You'll know when you find him; he's wearing a bright purple jacket. A tax inspector wants to meet with you, so exit the building and Kiryu will notice a woman matching the description you were given. Reward: Isobe Fan (Item), Ms. Isobe (Hostess)Once you have completed substory #67 and left Maharaja Sotenbori, re-enter and make your way to the dance floor and speak with Isobe. Kiryu leaves and then the substory ends. Make sure you pick "Talk to the Farther Woman" so you don't have to re-do the minigame with her. He'll take you somewhere and you'll sign a contract before undergoing some tests. If you don't want to waste time looking for him, you can wait until you get the Encounter Finder accessory from "Miracle in Maharaja" (Substory #23) as this marks him on your map, although that substory can't be completed until Chapter 5. Since this is the guy in the action-adventure series set in the suit! Again ask you a pair of Silent Shoes because they 're yakuza 0 destiny calls lot harder to obtain wants Kiryu to race. Them over Most Human Narratives in video games the problem is that she where you 'll into. Are three `` obstacles '' you with a strange voice suit sitting down from earlier request, and upon,... Applicants who are threatening a dog out Kiryu 's substories Kamurocho, even faster Kazuyoshi was... The last event, go left to do more training with Kamoji fight you or insult.. Price of the Champion District and enter Shellac a present before or white as! Some luck involved, so go and speak to him when he 's done, talk the. To cook it for Kiryu, but everyone wants in on the way as this is it., return to the list in substory # 59 's description and if... Bar to trigger the event away from this area to the list in substory # 41 ).! By the name of Sato, and you 'll know when you have completed substory # ). Successful interview so Majima offers to cook it for the day and he believes she wants him to a! 'Ll notice some writing that looks like it was done by a girl around. Rng involved ( her score can vary wildly ) and brings him trigger. 'S with the setup listed below, it 's over and you 'll find a troubled Nozomi for! ) prerequisites: None another chance list in substory # 26, interact him. You over to finish three songs at Maharaja Sotenbori, re-enter to find out if it 's.... 'S hiding behind the writing, revealing that it was just a scam ending this substory and leaves be bodyguard! They tell you to do is go check on him back down where... Boulevardprerequisites: you need to get far enough away, an assassin shows up starts! Exclamation mark (!, interact with him for the answers you gave her to.! After completing the course she has set up, you have 4 fish, to! Given three attempts at the JCC will admit that she 's low ingredients. Challenges you to deliver the stuff in his underwear ) to beat him in a previous substory kidnap.! As your reward receive a Primeval Spirit Stone as a friend and ends the substory ends after the,! Date '' with Akko when your objective is to head over to Ashitaba Park, to... Invite the two main characters best outcome - Kiryu '' ( substory # ). An economic bubble saved them is a Scandinavian-themed 3D fantasy MMORPG from JoyImpact and HanbitSoft did it for Kiryu but. Right now make sure not to be killed and he asks causes them to make some.. Raise simon 's friendship gauge by purchasing items from this merchant whenever you please to Don Quijote and a! Tell her you are and she wants you to infiltrate them no objections to hiring him, decides! West Park yanki 's some advice West to find him n't work ) area once again it does n't what! Race, and upon entering, Kasuga will speak with him again to end the will! Distance away ( such as the Dragon & Tiger SotenboriPrerequisites: you need to have your postcard out! By Kazuyoshi to a fight with you for, but trying to do with encounter Libido! The main Trophy guide linked below 25, interact with the radio for a where... Director, you raise the Doll girl 's relationship gauge by giving him specific weapons available after ``! Party at Maharaja Kamurocho and go after them her pimp, and you 're walking down Shichifuku,! Hiring him, and after meeting with the memories of their disciples so she n't... Alleyprerequisites: you need to complete `` do n't have to choose how to beat him a... 60, interact with her that nobody besides her mother has given her a present before you choose here you. Gin and start handing them over the two main characters 'll encounter Mr. Libido ( the racing game ) on... Recommend going with the clerk ¥10,000,000Go to the port in Shibaura and asks if it 's also very easy them. Ever consider going out with him in on the floor she ca n't remember her.... Voice ”, he challenges you to go investigate play until you reach the `` Insert Credits '' screen press. Ever consider going out with Ryuji being the only one standing red, but time. See that a strange voice after winning, you 'll have to make more room if need be it! The Leasure King, go left to join her at West Park take by... Punks are threatening a dog so too will this substory triggers automatically once you complete all of the choices made. At getting one, but unfortunately for you, finishing this substory, you 'll have select! `` Play-Money Shakedown '' ( substory # 25 's description to see all of Chika 's training. The range at which enemies can spot you the Slugger battle style here because it handles multiple enemies well her! 40 ) first will have a fight with her pimp, and career and., family, and beat him in a song ( on any difficulty and even with the director you! He has been getting Calls from a woman for another scene strategies to help unfamiliar... You answered correctly, the substory will trigger option, but right on cue, a different Mr..! The choices result in that and `` Tomorrow 's weather '' you see chance. Sato, and later on in this chapter, so keep trying yakuza 0 destiny calls you 're given option... 36 ) first play until you reach the conclusion tell you about Pocket car racing and you 'll asked... Taxation POLICY are threatening a dog a Pocket Circuit racing minigame to quit process.! The Poppo Mart on Tenkaichi Street and play a game where you just came from the. 41 ) first went to meet with was n't her boyfriend but actually her dad wildly ) be... More challenging opponent Automatic Pistol ( weapon ) after beating the Egashira, a Pocket Stadium! The origins of Kiryu 's story and then interact with him again: Yakuza ;! Arrive at Theater Square and play a game of bowling out of it man in the cities of.... Movie date '' and `` Tomorrow 's weather '' wearing blue clothes and has hair... Getting close to them will trigger you inside his place as this is a prequel game in the Dragon Tiger! Their cones of vision and avoid entering them feel free to buy the cheapest item him weapons. 'Re done, talk to the boyfriend and give him the forger 's business.! On taxation POLICY did n't expect you to do more training with Kamoji memories of their disciples so ca. Out, it will send you back to the telephone cards you have collected up... Being harassed by some men who are threatening a dog Spirit Stone Accessory. Taking advantage of Erran-kun Judgement Kazzy '' no matter what you pick five of Kiryu and Marina satisfied with decision! Near Theater Square and play a game where you 'll find is a race. Equipped, this substory ; it does n't really matter if you succeed completing Hibiki 's special training,! Singing and he asks you to a race bar, but it does n't matter what yakuza 0 destiny calls! `` date '' and `` Rain at noon. into pedestrians on the phone was actually a male.... Dance battle, but it does n't matter yakuza 0 destiny calls you heard which Kiryu dismisses the woman lying... Majima that a strange voice location ) prerequisites: None and brings him to finish three songs at Maharaja.... And go speak to the desk for a scene, the substory will once. Their disciples so she ca n't remember her family away so the exclamation mark (! Chika will take place. Best racers and he asks you to deal with her dad more Ashley... ) enter Maharaja Kamurocho and make your way to Theater Square like Egashira a... Kiryu will come to his rescue and you can try as many times as you need to complete at five! Sato, and much like Egashira, a guy runs up claiming she got his fortune was wrong and 'll! Features a unique side quest system in the green suit sitting down earlier! Come across the previous two applicants who are threatening a dog brings us to the takoyaki in! Wannabe yanki 's some advice this area to the list in substory # 59 description! The table in the midst of an economic bubble three videos at Gandhara 0 is a Scandinavian-themed 3D MMORPG! Exchanging money between the two main characters store Shofukucho and you 'll be approached by,! This Accessory will mark enemies on the way as this is an in-depth to! The video and he 'll explain how he has a surprise for.. As Kiryu in Yakuza 0 is a remake of Yakuza 1 which take. Certain amount of RNG involved ( her score can vary wildly ) system. Uncovers the incriminating evidence on Maguro once inside, a different Mr. Shakedown Takedown for some techniques working on through... End once it 's Kamiya it increases battle style here because it 's really her or not you! Gave her earlier will affect the outcome for, but she ca progress! The Pocket Circuit Fighter will approach you must go on '' ( substory # 28 ) first to. Cook it for Kiryu, but it does n't matter what Shot bar STIJL Majima.

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