Password must contain at least one uppercase character. What score you actually achieved is then irrelevant to whether you get in. Admissions. The majority of selective schools allocate places on the basis of academic ability, assessed by the 11+ exam. King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Horncastle, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Penrith, Queen Elizabeth’s School (QE Boys), Barnet, Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School. I am really very impressed with the quality of these worksheets.’, 'I have been so impressed with TheSchoolRun and have really enjoyed completing your weekly worksheets with my two older children. Also included are a number of state schools that use a selective entry process for at least part of their Year 7 intake. It's also important that your child is familiar with the format of the paper, and develops good time management skills, as the test usually involves completing a large number of questions to a tight timescale. ', 'We all want the best for our children and if you live in a grammar school area, it’s very easy to get taken in by it all even if it's not the right path for your child,' adds Kelly. SGS challenges its students with a taxing curriculum. Sutton Coldfield Grammar School. The Henrietta Barnett School. HTML. State grammar schools and many independent and private schools use academic assessments to decide which children qualify for a place, whereas comprehensive schools admit children of all abilities. and get FREE worksheets, activities & offers from, If you have the skills and time to help your child prepare at home, you may decide against tutoring, Top tips for the 11+ English writing task, Be your child's own 11+ tutor: your step-by-step guide. This is a list of schools in Somerset, England.It covers those schools within the area of Somerset County Council, which includes the five non-metropolitan districts of South Somerset, Taunton Deane, West Somerset, Sedgemoor and Mendip Maths papers, for instance, typically include subjects that your child won't learn about until Year 6, and as the test is taken at the very beginning of the autumn term, you can't rely on your child covering them at school. Thanks, we will get in touch if a place becomes available. Colchester Royal Grammar School. Click here to learn how to secure a 11+ place (Year 7 entry) for your child at Beths Grammar School . Enter your email address below and get free & exclusive access to our 10 top tips for entrance exam success. Sutton Grammar School. 'The subject choice is wide, and the school has not only maintained Carlotta’s interest in learning but also inspired her further.'. Normally children will be tested in the preceding September, applications and made to the local authority by 31 October/ Some grammar areas have a pass/fail cut off, others are 'super-selective' where on;y the top 180 scores are allocated places. Some children thrive on this kind of challenge, whereas others may find it difficult to cope and be more comfortable in a school where there is less academic pressure, even if they're bright enough to qualify for a selective or super-selective school place. Enter for a chance to win a Braintastic Science Club membership worth £30! Truly, it makes her day enjoyable, structured and continuous. A ”super-selective” grammar school has been ordered to change its admission policy after it was found to be in breach of admissions laws. In 1995, the school received Technology College Status and in 2005 was recognised as one of the first High Performing Specialist Schools. If you have the skills and time to help your child prepare at home, you may decide against tutoring, but, at the very least, you'll need to make sure your child has an understanding of all the concepts covered in the exam. Sutton Grammar School is a selective grammar school for boys. GM. The 7+, 10+, 11+ and Pretest process: one parent’s successful journey! 10% off orders above £60. This selective school also has a mixed Sixth Form. Berkshire Slough 11 Plus Exam Format; Slough – 11 Plus Appliactions and Admissions; Herschel Grammar School; Langley Grammar School; St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School; Upton Court Grammar School; Birmingham Grammar Schools. grammar school, compared to 79% of similar ability children not eligible for Pupil Premium, highlights that concerted action needs to be taken to ensure that more academically able children from poorer backgrounds have the same access to selective education as their more affluent peers. With competitiveness comes a pressured and potentially stressful environment, so it’s important to think about your own child and how they deal with things. Password must contain at least 10 alphanumeric (letter or number) characters. 'We got Alex some online tutoring prior to his entrance exam to get him used to the questions,' says Maxine. In contrast, areas with more grammar schools, like Buckingham, have a much higher pass rate, around 30% each year. Newstead Wood School is a state selective girls' grammar school in Avebury Road, Orpington, London, England. ‘Grammar schools are defined by their pursuit of academic excellence, traditional teaching methods and ethos of strict discipline,’ explains Bob McCartney, chair of the National Grammar Schools Association. If you are looking for special gifts or ideas for a little one, baby and toddler brand Munchkin have you covered! The term super selective is usually used of a grammar school where places are allocated purely on the scores ranked from the very highest going down. All grammar schools will have some catchment area (although there may be a few exceptions). The Harvey Grammar School. The pass mark is set. A selective school is a school that admits students on the basis of some sort of selection criteria, usually academic. For specialist resources for CAT, ISEB Pretest, CEM Select and UKiset exams, visit our other site: Pretest Plus, © 2020 All rights Reserved.| Exam Papers Plus| Privacy Terms Payments & Security, N.W in LONDON, purchased 11+ English (Grammar Schools) Pack 1 About 16 minutes ago, Subscribe to our newsletter to hear about, Westcliff High School for Girls 11 Plus (11+) CSSE Exam Information. The Blue Coat School. The list is in alphabetical order. According to national figures, almost half of pupils who attain the basic pass mark in the 11+ exams still fail to gain a grammar school place because the competition is so fierce. Rather than setting a pass mark for the 11+, these schools may choose to only admit the children who achieve the very highest scores in the test. For super-selective schools, children only stand a realistic chance of gaining a place if they have a near perfect score. I'd agree with that definition. The chances of your child getting into a selective school depend on where you live. ‘The daily resources programme is absolutely brilliant. The late test is organised by the grammar school themselves so please contact them directly for all information in regards to this. Other secondary schools which closed for fourteen days, but many of which will now have re-opened include: Dartford Science and Technology College; Greenacre; Howard, Hundred of Hoo, Rainham Girls, Robert Napier; Sandwich Technology School; St George's CofE Comprehensive, Gravesend; Sir Roger Manwood's School, Sandwich; and Strood Academy; along with Special Schools - Bower Grove, … Subscribe to our newsletter to hear about special offers & new products! Once deemed selective, where you live comes into play. We hope you find this information useful. Win 1 of 4 Agent Asha Spy Coding Adventure Gift Packs! However, pupil intakes differ between grammars and non-selective schools, both in terms of background characteristics and prior attainment. So say 30% pass! Details. Password must contain at least one lowercase character. You will also be able to view our specific resource recommendations for each school’s 11+ entrance exam. Places at selective and super-selective schools are highly sought after, with many applicants for every place – but what's the difference between these types of school, and how does the application We’ve compiled a list of the top grammar schools in the UK based on The Telegraph’s research of the top schools for GCSE results in 2020. The Rochester Grammar School, a “popular and oversubscribed” girls’ school in Medway, Kent, was found to give priority to pupils with siblings in other secondary schools within its multi-academy trust, including a selective school for boys. Please be advised that the Grammar School Entrance Test was sat on Saturday 17 October 2020 and if your child did not sit this test, they cannot be considered for a place at a grammar school. “Super-selective” schools that admit the brightest 1-2 per cent of pupils in the country should form a central part of the government’s plans to expand The term may have different connotations in different systems and is the opposite of a comprehensive school, which accepts all students, regardless of aptitude.. Typically, they disregard catchment area and often there is no sibling entitlement to a place; instead, any child can take the test, and places are allocated purely based on results. Use code: EPPDISCOUNT. King Edward VI Grammar School (GM) Chelmsford. Anyone from a large distance can apply to the school, and certainly many of the London schools are seeing over 1,000 or even 2,000 pupils sitting for 120 to 180 places. Maidstone Grammar School for Girls, Maidstone (girls) The Norton Knatchbull School, Ashford (boys) Oakwood Park Grammar School, Maidstone (boys) Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Faversham (mixed) Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, Canterbury (boys) Simon Langton Grammar School for Girls, Canterbury (girls) Sir Roger Manwood's School, Sandwich (mixed) Thank you so very much for all the help your site is giving myself to aid my daughter's education at home. The Norton Knatchbull School. The Folkestone School for Girls. The new generation of grammar schools will be highly selective and cater only for the brightest 10 per cent of children.While the country’s 163 grammars typically aim to admit the top 25 per cent of For example: Super-selectives in particular pride themselves on their academic results, and many of them have good links with the top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. Of those 164, there are ten schools that stood out last year as being the top for GCSE results. In some areas like the outer boroughs of London, where there are fewer grammar schools, several thousand children regularly apply for as few as 180 places, so places go to the top performers. Get 10 Expert Tips for Entrance Exam Success! The Crypt School. Croydon High School 11 Plus (11+) Entrance Exam Information – What You Need To Know, Langley Grammar School 11 Plus (11+) Exam Information, Norwich School 7 Plus (7+) Entrance Exam Information – Key Details, King Henry VIII School, Coventry 11 Plus (11+) Entrance Exam Information – Key Details, Chigwell School 7 Plus (7+) Exam: What You Need to Know. Although 11+ tests are designed to be hard to tutor for, and many schools discourage pupils from being tutored, it's very difficult to get through the test without some preparation. Enter to win 1 of 4 personalised gift packs worth £24.99! The high demand for places at selective state schools means that, in some areas, the most sought-after grammar schools have far more applicants than places. As well as the prestige, there are many benefits to gaining a place at a selective or super-selective school. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of all the grammar schools in England. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries. Your child is likely to be with like-minded peers who have a strong attitude to learning and a desire to do well. Pupils at grammar schools are much less likely to have special education needs or be eligible for free school meals compared to pupils in non-selective schools. If there is a topic you would like to have covered, or if you have some information that you would like to share, please get in touch and we can make it happen! The schools that pick the very top performers are informally known as super-selective, and in some cases pupils may need to score as much as 99.5 per cent in the 11+ to win a place. B. Girls are welcome to enter the school to attend the Sixth Form. We love being able to keep track of his progress on his Learning Journey checklist! But your child does need an innate ability to be able to cope on their own merit and deal with the demands of a selective school.'. Kendrick Grammar School; Reading Girls’ Grammar School; Reading School; Berkshire Slough Grammar Schools. Rankings are based on the percentage of GCSE/IGCSE entries awarded 9-7 or A* and A grades.To qualify for inclusion there must be a minimum of 20 students in the cohort. In some areas, and particularly for super-selective schools, there's a definite culture of tutoring with some children beginning extra-curricular sessions as early as Year 3. 'Our son Alex has always been very bright and nerdy, so a selective school has really suited him,' says Maxine Lintern, mum to Alex. 'It’s provided him with some great opportunities with such a wide range of subjects on offer, and they certainly allow a child’s individual skills to flourish. The Latymer School. The Rochester Grammar School. Places at selective and super-selective schools are highly sought after, with many applicants for every place – but what's the difference between these types of school, and how does the application process work? This usually combines elements from four main areas: verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, maths and English. The school was founded in 1899 and teaches over 900 boys aged 11 to 18. Birmingham 11 Plus Exam Format If you live in one of the UK's grammar school areas, you're probably well aware of how much competition there can be to get into one of these very academic schools. They are available in some, not all, parts of England. Children are usually selected as a result of their academic ability, which is assessed through the 11+ test, although some schools have also places that are open to pupils based on their skills in other areas such as music, sports or languages. But there are downsides. This means headline results may not give us the most meaningful comparisons. The King’s School Grantham. Password must contain at least one digit. In 1998, Labour's School Standards and Framework Act forbade the establishment of any new all-selective schools. 'Computers are his thing so it worked well and helped develop his confidence and time management. I'm finding your site an absolutely fantastic resource alongside the stuff being sent from my son's school. Win a membership to Braintastic Science Club! Stretford Grammar School (Trafford) URN: 106368 . “Grammar schools do nothing for social mobility, they do the opposite – they entrench it,” she said. ', 'The children at my daughter's school are expected to work hard and are pushed a lot, but only because the school knows they are dealing with a group of very able children,' adds Kelly Clare, mum to Carlotta. It also made provisions for local ballots on the future of existing grammar schools. 2. Your child may have a wider range of academic subjects to choose from at GCSE and A level, including single sciences, further maths and more languages. This table lists the Top 100 independent schools in the UK based on 2019 GCSE and IGCSE results. However, the grammar schools usually hold a late test. Selective and super-selective grammar schools in the UK explained for primary-school parents. Very grateful now to be a subscriber and wanted to say a huge well done to you all as I think it's a great site and resource.'. Enter the competition to win a Munchkin bundle worth £75! ‘Students are selected based on their academic potential, to identify those who are most suitable for this type of education.’ Children who either don’t apply for a grammar school place or fail to meet the necessary academic st… Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. A selective school is a school that offers places based on children's ability. Key dates. Introduce your child to a world of tech wizardry and code-cracking with the Agent Asha Gift pack. A more traditional form of education is offered, with firm discipline considered a high priority. The schools have a particular focus on achievement and create a strong learning environment, in which they help their pupils achieve good results. Certain counties, such as Kent, Essex, Buckinghamshire and Lincolnshire, are well known for supporting the grammar-school system. whether you passed with 99/100 or 79/100 is irrelevant. 33.98. 'We opted for the tutoring route and it certainly helped build up Carlotta’s skills and confidence. 20% off orders above £200. Government is spending £50m on expanding existing grammar schools. Please click on the name of the school you are interested in and you will be able to read a detailed overview of its application and examination process. The Skinners’ School 1. Grammar schools remain extremely popular, largely thanks to their indisputable academic success. The Judd School. The second round of the Selective Schools Expansion Fund (SSEF) will provide funding of … But while grammar school entry is designed to be challenging to ensure that only the highest achieving pupils succeed, some secondary schools have even more exacting entry requirements and admit just the top few per cent of pupils who apply. If you pass and are "deemed selective" you put the grammar schools you want on the form. This section does not cite any sources. The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools (TBGS) is a company set up by the thirteen grammar schools in Buckinghamshire in order to manage and administer secondary transfer testing. The North Halifax Grammar School. These are often known as super-selective schools, but what does this term actually mean? There are currently 164 state-funded fully selective schools, or grammar schools in the UK. Kids sit the tests. WIN A £75 MUNCHKIN BUNDLE FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE! For example, at the four grammar schools in Kingston upon Thames and Sutton, only the top performing three per cent of children, on average, get a place. Colchester. ​Spark a love of science that could last a lifetime! Click on the name of a school for more details.