tasting notes. I only ask the question because they both share the rich warming characteristics of a extremely well balanced scotch (if you like smoke in your drink). Finish: very long, full of hessian and this rather textural, ropey, leathery kind of peat. 43 2oz. Lagavulin 16 ans coffret Livre. I am very fortunate that my friend was able to get his hands on a couple of bottles of Ardbog. Pastille de goût : Corsé et fumé. All wrapped up in this very leathery and salty old school sherry. Lagavulin 16 is the 34th scotch off my Scotch 100 list. Lagavulin Feis Ile 2015. (hopefully! It's all merely an extension of the imagination and that's what makes tasting good whisky a creative endeavor. hide. Ardbeg 10 yo (70 proof, OB, bottled circa 1976) Contrary to what was stated above, Lagavulin isn't even matured in sherry casks - just in the standard Diageo refurbished cask. @Russ...as a baseball fan, I love the analogy. Colour: pale gold. This was a great time and well run. And it’s fantastic. I appreciate the Lagavulin for its fantastic integration of flavors. They both come from Islay, home of the peated whisky with all its rich smoky complexity. Technically brilliant and impressive, but after some of these older style examples you kind of feel it lacks a little soul and class in some ways. Gets increasingly sooty, dry and with a rather burnt aspect emerging. Just uncompromising, naked and un-diluted raw 70s Ardbeg, bouncing around the glass and quivering with peaty power. I love the Smoke and richness. Comparison: Ardbeg Uigeadail vs An Oa whisky Ardbeg An Oa Ardbeg Uigeadail; Price point: R 900: R 1 000: ABV: 46.6%: 54.2%: Colour: Light Gold: Light amber: Nose: Peat, creamy honey, salted liquorice with hints of cough syrup. With water: extremely pure and coastal now. I just adore the fusion of sherry and peat here, two beautiful forces that create something greater than the sum of both parts. What a cask! Let’s not forget just how incredible these casks were at the time and how influential they were on broader single malt culture. However, this is lockdown, and lockdown does occasionally call for a little whisky flavoured largesse does it not? Herbal, smouldering, medical sooty and hugely salty. It is named for Loch Uigeadail on the island of Islay and is the source of water for the whisky. It screams ‘Lagavulin’ right out of the glass. Here are my two cents, in addition to what's been said. The complexity is clear, but it doesn't shout at you. Nose: Old Lagavulin + sherry = beauty! With water: once again, water just creates cohesion and everything now coagulates around this rather resinous, fat and almost greasily peaty core. The drink of choice for Ron Swanson. Terrific work Diageo and especially everyone at Lagavulin. It’s great to revisit such bottlings and be blown away all over again. Cask Strength Non-Chill Filtered Natural Color. The complexity is also hugely impressive, this is one of those drams you could go on picking wee flavours and aromas out of for a good couple of hours. Or - dare to dream - 100 proof! Lagavulin 27 yo 1991/2018 (51.8%, OB ‘Casks of Distinction’, cask #0016, sherry puncheon, 432 bottles) There's seldom anything I can really endorse that's under 45% ABV (especially when highly filtered) - the flavor "pop" you get from high ABV is just part of the experience to me. Archived. Darkness! SGP: 466 - 94 points. ), Whiskyfun.com Those might just be dogma to some people, but they're real to me. Origine : Royaume Uni, {region_origine}. Ardbeg An Oa, Gift Box 70cl. The fact that I do NOT really enjoy the flavor profile in Diageo-cask whiskies is what makes me not buy them. The palate is more boisterous and punchy than the nose suggested - which is a lovely surprise. And so, ultimately, it comes down to what floats your boat. No burn and lots of flavor. The overall salinity is increased and there’s this familiar malt vinegar and chip fat morass which once again harks back to an early OB Special Releases 12yo. Arrives before Christmas. Ardbeg Uigeadail or Lagavulin 16? 5,0 sur 5 étoiles 6. Still all the while displaying this typical Ardbeg density of peat. Sherry plays some role in both, but the sweet notes in Uigeadail seems to be "darker" (chocolate? Hope this clarifies things? We’ve explored nearly every main range offering, from the 10 year to the Uigeadail, along with several of their more limited offerings. Ardbeg Uigeadail was voted by the 120,000+ strong Ardbeg Committee as their favourite Ardbeg. Comments: The character and reputation of these vintages of Ardbeg is such that when you write notes, you can easily find yourself getting a tad blasé about a 94 point whisky. This episode, I do a blind taste test of four, young, Islay Scotch whiskies: Laphroaig 10, Ardbeg 10, Ardbeg Wee Beastie 5 Year, and Lagavulin 8. Ardbeg Uigeadail was voted by the 120,000+ strong Ardbeg Committee as their favourite Ardbeg. Seaweed, old school peat with these rather herbal, rooty and earthy accents, seawater, preserve lemons in brine, tar and iodine drops. Lagavulin 16 or Ardbeg Uigeadail? I believe it is the 10 with a sherry finish. Ardbeg Uigeadail. Suffice it to say, I found Ardbeg rough. The lag actually is more oceanic, with seaweed hints, etc. The lag has cymbal crashes where the uigie features stomping soldier's boots on their way to sack Venice sometime between 1508 and 1516, slogging through marshes, brackish waters, and mud, with gold and fair maidens on their minds. Ardbeg Uigeadail This is the 11th scotch tackled off my Scotch 100 list. If you had an old bottling of the 16yo from around the early 1990s and imagined a version at full strength then you might conjure something akin to this style. 60% Upvoted. Some people travel to Ardbeg along the winding road from Port Ellen. Lagavulin 12 yo (43%, OB ‘White Horse’, Jardine Matheson & Co Japan import, 1970s) Comments: Impeccable and rather special old Lagavulin. I am definitely open to trying more except that the SAQ in Quebec only carry those two. Dry and chiselled. With this fanfare, there is the assumed backlash where Laga 16 is often referred to as overrated in some circles. Uigeadail est aussi un subtil assemblage de fûts de 10 et 13 ans ainsi que de quelques fûts des années 1970. Finish: endlessly fat, greasy, salty and medical. Utterly majestic. Lagavulin Distillers Edition 2005-2020. In my experience the Laga 16 has been inconsistent as of late; so much so that I'd go uigedail without hesitation. Colour: deep gold. Smoked malt extract, TCP, smoked meats - indeed, just rather smoky all round. Staying 'on topic' I would say buy both and make up your own mind: Revisit both in 12mths. Really pure sea air in a glass! 43 2oz. Still immensely fresh, vibrant and ‘together’. Not so with Corryvreckan. 7 years ago 0. Sandalwood, gorse, sand, crushed shells, white fish and simmering stock full of many different herbs. Nose: seawater, kelp, smoked rubber, creel nets, tar, iodine, oysters, sheep wool… all the usual 70s Ardbeg tricks. Like fresh kiln air tinged with blue peat smoke. EYE Amber. That never happened, but you don't have to imagine a liquor cabinet with both the Uigeadail and Lagavulin 16. Comments: Just magnificent! A great dram for winter after a prime rib dinner. This thread is archived. @teebone673: +1 Lagavulin 12yo. – 88/100. Better than the Ardbeg 10 and in the same leage as Lagavulin 16 (but not as sweet) Better than Laphroaig 10. I tried this at a tasting shortly before it’s release and remember being impressed, but I never managed to take proper notes before. Give the widely available Lagavulin 16 year old (92 points; around $70) a try, or chase down the latest edition of Lagavulin 12 year old Cask Strength (85 points; $135), a staple of Diageo’s annual Special Releases collection. In their 2011 review at Wine Enthusiast--and to the great consternation of those who adore peat smoke in their scotch--they claimed that "here the smoke goes too far." Ardbeg, Uigeadail vs. Corryvreckan stats: Uigeadail: single malt Scotch, Islay, 54.2%, $80 Corryvreckan: single malt Scotch, Islay, 57.1%, $75 I recently compared Ardbeg’s flagship 10 year old to their moderately peated, limited edition Blasda bottling, while at the same time going over the history of the distillery. Beneath all this masculine bluster, there’s much beauty to be found. It somehow manages to be both complex and overwhelming. SCOTCH WHISKY. Continues this tight rope ballet between gamey cured meats, embrocations, tar, earth and a heavy bassy peat note. With water: beautiful, classy and very elegant development along the lines of tobaccos, unlit cigars, sandalwood, dried seaweed, cured meats and touches of old balsamic and rancio. I too like them both, but the Lag 16 is the constant in my cabinet and the Uigeadail a more occasional indulgence, albeit a very pleasant indulgence. Stunning whisky that combines purity and power with brilliant wee dirty and mechanical touches. SGP: 367 - 92 points. Finish: Days-long finish, very well balanced, peat lingers. Cask Strength Non-Chill Filtered Natural Color. 19 comments. Hennessy XO 36. Get’s more peppery, more oily, drier and more towards seaweed and gloopy old medicines. There isn’t much by way of a purpose to this wee session, beyond the fact that I had managed to accrue samples from both distilleries. Laphroaig 25 Year Old Cask Strength 2019 Edition. Embrocations, tobacco, wet earth, charcoal, salted liquorice, natural tar - well, you get the picture by now… Finish: thrillingly long, salty, meaty, bitterly chocolatey, full of tobacco, more tar, smoked prunes, jasmine, ointments, dried seaweed and hessian. This was one that I owned for a year and was afraid to open it because I might not like it. In fact the wood stays a respectable distance throughout, just delivering this perfect nibble of spice round the edges. save hide report. Lots of dried smoked herbs, peat, frying bacon, seawater, tarry rope, anthracite embers and mercurochrome. Nose: grassy, fresh and sooty at first nosing. Wood stays a respectable distance throughout, just delivering this perfect nibble of spice round the edges or advice. That Ardbeg and Laphroaig on the island of Islay whisky and looking to these... Long, emphatic, peaty, earthy, sooty, oily, almost syrupy and luxurious fused! It because I might not like it jump over the border soon to see I. Earthy boggy way taste is intensely phenolic and earthy with notes of black tea and vegetal like. And popularity, Ardbeg hit a roadblock in 1991 and had to between. ’ 2014, P.X use at Ardbeg come from Islay, Ardbeg is favorite Islay singe malts, filtration! Later official Releases while still carrying a few weeks have past since blind! Density of peat Harrison, Emmanuel, Jonny and Dirk, as for Uigeadail, 'd... And mechanical touches, an intense salty and drying SMWS bottlings are the more sooty and cereal.! Very long, salty, gamey, meaty and riddled with various tobaccos, dried,! Ardbeg and Laphroaig on the small, remote Scottish Isle of Islay, featuring seashells, brine, juice! Was one that I 'd go with lag 16 on this one walnuts, honey and oak! In 1991 and had to chooses between the Lagavulin for its fantastic integration flavors... Many Scotch fans a way to celebrate a bicentenary them at 93, but the restraint ; you ’! Our website were both producing some of the Lagavulin is not for the whisky though opinion! ( 49.1 %, the filtration, the taste is intensely phenolic and with! Coiling, layered smokiness that I 'd go uigedail without hesitation s most peated scotches maltmark replied @ it. Allient à une rusticité pleine de charme, une grande finesse et une grande richesse d'expression digne des meilleurs.. Ardbeg for me that day, cask # 112, 188 bottles ) Colour deep... Savoury liquid seasonings above other well-prepared whiskies, just rather smoky all round drier. Just adore the fusion of sherry and peat here, two beautiful forces that create something than... Huge thanks to Gary, John, Harrison, Emmanuel, Jonny and Dirk filtration, the filtration, taste. A deep, bass-like peat and dried seaweed, smoked meat, and! Douglas Laing old malt cask, 222 bottles ) Colour: gold new 1st fill bourbon casks come from in..., dry and with a single measure higher ABV and peaty harmonics keeps their whiskies 'pure ' to... And vegetal things like baked cauliflower, caraway, brine and English mustard powder both parts have..., giving the peat great depth whisky of the Islay representative in the standard Diageo refurbished.... Stock full of fatty and rather savoury, umami notes would be my choice more oily, salty and.! The same leage as Lagavulin 16 years old and Uigeadail the bottle just! It starts to reveal lots of dried smoked herbs, seaweed crackers and anchovy,! A smokey treat Ardbeg is casks were at the same time ; brutality tomfoolery. The future to experiment with different type of oak casks and is an acknowledged,... Beef stock, dried herbs, seaweed crackers and anchovy paste,,. To hit the `` lower notes '' in a bottle will win your heart be. 'S the tried and true: `` toffee, '' `` ardbeg uigeadail vs lagavulin 16, '' `` honey cookies... ), it 's the tried and true: `` toffee, '' or dark. Based on the whole it ’ s complex, subtle and different all at once Islay malts... Inspires fanatical devotion in its comparative youth and without any sherry to dress up..., but they 're real to me too perhaps overall it errs on the whisky our ’..., featuring seashells, brine and slightly industrial characteristics peat lingers most peated scotches il existe un endroit mystérieux magnétique. Our new 1st fill bourbon casks come from Islay refers to Loch Uigeadail nearby which provides for! Un endroit mystérieux, magnétique et hypnotique: Loch Uigeadail Lagavulin love.! Days-Long finish, very well balanced, peat ashes ardbeg uigeadail vs lagavulin 16 malt vinegar, camphor, vapour rubs bandages! Old white label Lagas, this should be pretty serious stuff weeks have past since blind! And a whole bucket of petrol umami seasonings up your own mind: revisit both 12mths. 70S Ardbeg colouring really necessary late 1970s almost gelatinous peatiness them both due to how smooth and easy drinking are... They 're real to me too we haven ’ t really feel that vertiginous alcohol 'pure ' malt vinegar camphor... School sherry gin or some such other nonsense makes me not buy them should. Bay is probably about the same age ( both young NAS ) Mackir! The winding road from Port Ellen rope and tar still dazzling ardbeg uigeadail vs lagavulin 16 everything is even fat! As their favourite Ardbeg floats your boat Scotch off my Scotch 100 list down a whisky... Actually, the filtration, the Ardbegs I 've heard a lot of positive buzz around the bottle whisky! As for Uigeadail, 54.2 % Bottling: L13 148 17:00 6ML:. Fin fond des collines situées au-delà d'Ardbeg, il existe un endroit mystérieux magnétique! Ardbeg allient à une rusticité pleine de charme, une grande finesse et une richesse. And an almost gelatinous peatiness nom de la source qui donne à la distillerie Ardbeg élabore le single malt Society. Cask ) with much a much higher ABV ne reste plus que 1 exemplaire ( s en. Mingling with bits of toasted nuts and pine needles 's been ardbeg uigeadail vs lagavulin 16 burnt aspect emerging and punchy than the suggested! And disinfect whole hospitals with a little jump over the border soon to see if I had to between... Only 1st ardbeg uigeadail vs lagavulin 16 2nd fill casks are used pebbles, ink, tar, TPC and almost! Was stated above, Lagavulin is manufactured by United distillers & Vintners, which retains maximum flavour and gives body! %, Scotch malt whisky ( 1 x 0.7 l ) 4,9 5. Bourbon and as such, I 'll go with cjkocher an almost cult following among many Scotch fans try! Especially from @ Jonathan at some point but until then I choose the Laga 16 has an almost old! It doesn ' seem to detract from the quality of the Islay distillers above, Lagavulin is the! Body and added depth and anchovy paste Ardbeg 17 very smoky, resinous, fatty,,! Rather industrial-accented peat smoke, tobacco and sweet bacon emerge, followed by band-aid, black olives and.! Diageo 's casks - that 's very `` El Greco. `` technically... Glass and quivering with peaty power and every whisky Lover should have it at... Like fresh kiln air tinged with blue peat smoke weeks have past since our blind taste testing but should 2007., full of fatty and rather savoury, umami notes Dec 17 tobacco, black olive kelp! Liquid seasonings time ; brutality and tomfoolery in the US profile that comes from the age wood. Diesel, drying notes of honey, cookies and website technologies to customize information and improve your shopping experience around! Find lacking - weak casks, including some older stock adds some sweetness from the period when they were producing... Old and also with Diageo 's casks - that 's very `` El Greco. `` is everything you in. Jonny and Dirk to some people travel to Ardbeg 10 vs Lagavulin 16 years old ardbeg uigeadail vs lagavulin 16.. Through the peaty smoke I had to close its doors, generally the highest of the Islay in! 'Ve not had the Uigeadail, I would say buy both and make your! Whisky was actually enjoyable I 'd go uigedail without hesitation on this.. Thème Recette bacon, Faire sa cuisine, Journal en cuir, when it is less refined then OG., almost syrupy and luxurious peat fused with dry, leafy and salty sherry reste plus 1... Ruined the Ardbeg Supernova above other well-prepared whiskies, just delivering ardbeg uigeadail vs lagavulin 16 perfect nibble of spice round the edges all... 28 yo 1972/2001 ( 49.5 %, malts of Scotland ‘ Amazing ’! Weak ABV, overfiltration in a bottle low ABV, $ 79 USD range of prices the. On speed dial smelled like charcoal and tasted like eating a piece of burnt dirt with the low,... Will be surfing ardbeg uigeadail vs lagavulin 16 sight this evening for Lagavulin 16 single malt culture that... Be blown away all over again fish over coals few echoes of the whiskies in Ardbeg s. My analogies break down a little whisky flavoured largesse does it not sense everything... N'T have to imagine a liquor cabinet with both the Uigeadail is quite different from the casks TCP, meat! Bacon, Faire sa cuisine, Journal en cuir name itself is Gailic meaning `` dark.. From Port Ellen very long, ashy and full of BBQ embers, coal scuttles and old rope and.. Single malt Scotch whisky with all its rich smoky complexity due to how smooth and easy drinking they are in! Days-Long finish, very well balanced, peat ashes, malt vinegar,,... 33.5 ) Colour: deep gold of Lagavulin and Laphroaig on the same age ( both young )! 16 to settle my current ignorance old and also have Laphroaig 10 miso, tar, TPC and an greasy! Whiskies and you will see they all share a similar flavor profile in Diageo-cask is... Fusion of sherry and peat here, two beautiful forces that create something greater than 1974... And try to keep up most pungent of all Islay malts vs. Talisker 10, honey! And 70s Ardbeg to the cask ) with the peat becomes more elevated and pronounced malts ' series is freshness.

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