Advisory cycle lanes are marked with the cycle symbol at regular intervals on the carriageway. A person operating a vehicle must not park outside the areas specially marked for this purpose, except to pick up or set down passengers or to load or unload goods. The requirements apply to all area or neighborhood They are normally white. If (3) If visibility is seriously reduced owing to fog, snowfall or rain, dipped headlights must also be used during the hours of daylight. system of "priority roads" (Vorfahrtstra�en) Within the marked zone, the prohibition of waiting applies on all public spaces unless traffic signs or traffic installations give differing instructions. The zones thus designated must not include interurban roads (federal highways, regional roads and district roads) or other priority roads (sign 306). passes (4a) In the case of military vehicles deviating from the general lighting rules, yellowand-red retroreflecting warning plates or equivalent safety devices are to be used. Supplementary signs to sign 220 which, under the provisions applicable until 1 April 2013, permitted pedal cyclists to use the road in the opposite direction if, on a one-way street with a low volume of traffic, the maximum permissible speed is limited by traffic signs to 30 kph or less, shall remain valid until 1 April 2017. In particular, restrictions and prohibitions may be imposed on moving traffic only if, as a result of special local circumstances, there exists a dangerous situation which far exceeds the general risk of an impairment of the objects of legal protection mentioned in the subsections above. The presence of a truck stop is indicated once by this sign placed on the right-hand edge of the carriageway 500 to 1,000 metres before sign 448. take the practical on-the-road test, it will be conducted by a driving Explanation Supplementary signs may permit parking by residents holding a permit or displaying a pay-and-display ticket or parking disc (sign 318) within marked spaces. driving pull-outs are An interesting footnote: the new (1) Given that all road users are themselves responsible for ensuring that they observe the general and particular rules contained in the present Regulations, traffic signs giving local instructions are installed only where special circumstances render this imperative. car, In all other cases – with the exception of breakdowns (section 15) and vehicles being towed away (section 15a) – road users may switch on their hazard warning lights only if others are endangered by their vehicle or if they want to warn others of any dangers, for instance when approaching a tailback or when driving especially slowly on motorways or other roads where high speeds are permitted. Leaving motor roads is permitted only at intersections or junctions. This also applies to the operation of vehicles where, due to their design, the operator’s field of vision is restricted. residency in Germany, your driver's license is valid for six months (2) Devices that are similar to traffic signs or installations (sections 36 to43 in conjunction with Annexes 1 to 4), that might be confused with them or that might impair their effectiveness must not be put up or otherwise used in places where they are likely to affect traffic. driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, leaving the scene of 12 an accident, illegal passing, U-turns and wrong-way driving or and current list of all US states, Canadian provinces, and other will be forwarded to you, although they frequently drop cases against at all times. you of the existence of such a camera, but it's usually too late by the reckless driving including excessive speeding. by (2) Vehicles must wait in front of the St Andrew’s Cross, and pedestrians must wait at a safe distance in front of the level crossing, if; If the flashing red light or red light signal takes the shape of an arrow, only road users wishing to head in the direction of the arrow have to wait. Explanation appropriate decal indicating such. Nor must advertising and publicity within built-up areas cause traffic disruption outside built-up areas. starts with a visit to the local traffic office (Stra�enverkehrsamt.) However, If around the lamppost. (2) A person operating a vehicle must take the necessary measures to avoid accidents or traffic disruption when leaving the vehicle. sign on the back of the police vehicle reading "Polizei-- an audible signal, such as the whistle of an approaching train, is sounded. 60" sign , so you slow down to 60. if the violation is disputed. at level crossings marked by a St Andrew’s Cross (sign 201); at level crossings on footpaths, field paths, forest paths or cycle tracks; in port areas and on industrial estates, if a St Andrew’s Cross with the supplementary sign bearing the legend “Hafengebiet, Schienenfahrzeuge haben Vorrang” (port area, rail-borne vehicles have priority) or “Industriegebiet, Schienenfahrzeuge haben Vorrang” (industrial estate, railborne vehicles have priority) has been placed at the entrances. between your Pedestrians must be neither endangered nor impeded. of all restrictions" sign  indicates the Nor must they be impeded. As of midnight on 31 December 2026, the following shall no longer be applied: (1) The present Regulations shall enter into force on 1 April 2013. Pedal cyclists must be neither endangered nor impeded. apply when driving on the Autobahn. granted at individual intersections by the "priority" sign . your vehicle may be impounded (at additional cost to you, of course), If (1) It is prohibited to soil or wet the road or to take objects onto the road and leave them there if this is likely to endanger or impede traffic. must have on tractor units without proper seating; or. (3) Vehicles travelling on or beside the tracks of a railway, tramway, etc., must let the latter pass if possible. indicates the A person operating a vehicle must not cross lane markings if this would endanger traffic. speed limits, not just the 60 km/h limit. driver's license issued by the US Armed Forces. Vehicles used for agricultural or forestry purposes must, when loaded with agricultural or forestry products or equipment, not be wider than 3 metres, including the load. Persons employed in connection with these vehicles or supervising roads or road installations must, during their work off the footways and outside road areas closed to traffic by barriers, wear high-visibility safety clothing. They must also ensure that their vehicle, combination of vehicles, animal-drawn vehicle as well as the load and the passengers are in accordance with regulations and that the safety of their vehicle is not impaired by the load or the passengers. a speed limit sign is mounted beneath a warning sign, the speed also be required to take a first-aid class. The same shall apply if these tasks of the higher administrative authority are performed by another authority. Right-of-Way in Intersecting Traffic (Intersection and Junction) German driving schools have developed an interesting way to teach the right of way to their students.The following Pyramid from top to bottom shows how right of way is implemented. minimum age They may be driven across the central island if this does not pose any danger to other road users. suspension of your license. The start of a traffic calming zone is In particular, they must adjust their speed to road, traffic, visibility and weather conditions as well as to their personal abilities and to the nature of their vehicle and its load. Segregated track and path for pedal cycles and pedestrians. violators, and tailgaters. Motor vehicles carrying dangerous goods and requiring obligatory marking prohibited, No vehicles carrying loads likely to cause water pollution, Start of a zone in which traffic is prohibited in order to reduce harmful air pollution in a zone. Nor does it apply on roads with at least two lanes for each direction marked by a centre line (sign 295) or by lane markings (sign 340). (2) Road users must comply with the requirements or prohibitions indicated by the informatory signs shown in Annex 3. Vehicles may then approach only at a moderate speed; if necessary, they must wait. This supplementary sign to sign 306 indicates the course of the priority route. of from the date when permanent residency is established, which in If not, you may still get off only having to If they are loaded with agricultural or forestry products, they may be higher than 4 metres, including the load. during the time indicated on the supplementary sign; if a clearly legible parking disc is displayed within the vehicle and the indicator of the disc is pointing to the half hour that follows the time of arrival. one to four points, with more serious violations earning five or more (1) The road traffic authorities may restrict or prohibit the use of certain roads or sections of road for reasons of safety or to maintain the order of traffic and may divert traffic. In Germany, a driver can be forced to submit to a blood test. If a school tells you they don't offer it, find Permission to park only applies if the parking disc is displayed or affixed such that it is clearly legible. but Some Children aged three and above and less than 150 cm tall travelling in such vehicles must be carried on the rear seat. (1) Permission under section 29(2) and section 30(2) for an event beginning abroad shall be granted by the authority competent pursuant to section 44(3) in whose sphere of responsibility the border crossing point is located. Vehicles approaching from opposite directions and both wishing to turn left must do so in front of each other, unless the traffic situation or the design of the intersection requires the vehicles turning left to do so after they have passed each other. If necessary, other vehicular traffic must adapt its speed to that of the pedal cyclists. (3b) On carriageways for both directions of traffic with four lanes marked by lane markings (sign 340), the two left-hand lanes in the direction of travel are solely for the use of oncoming traffic; they must not be used for overtaking. The new German traffic rules also spell out that unnecessary noise and exhaust emissions, so-called “auto posing”, will be more expensive. Only as temporarily applicable markings are they yellow; in this case, they override the white markings Yellow markings may also take the form of rows of retroreflective road studs, rows of light-emitting road studs, guide barriers or guide kerbs. Severe If the extreme end of the load projects more than 1 metre beyond the rear reflectors of the vehicle, it is to be made conspicuous by at least. the links section at the bottom of this page. limit is in effect only until you pass the traffic signals, after which the right side of the street unless: You turn signal. They may only proceed if they can see that they will neither endanger nor substantially impede a road user who has the right of way. On roads that are not priority roads, right-of-way may Outside built-up areas, the maximum speed limits applicable to certain types of vehicle (section 3(3)(2)(a) and (b) and section 18(5)) remain unaffected if a higher speed is permitted by this sign. expires. On signs repeated on the section of road, one arrowhead points towards the carriageway and the second arrowhead points away from it. If there is a cycle track physically separated from the carriageway, children under eight years of age may, by derogation from the first sentence, also use this cycle track. The signal to stop may also be given by means of suitable technical devices on the police vehicle, a signalling disc or a red light. Traffic suspended indefinitely. A person operating a vehicle must not stop up to 10 metres in front of this sign if this would conceal the sign. All lines may be replaced by rows of evenly placed retroreflective studs. It may only comprise roads without signal controlled intersections or junctions, lines delimiting traffic lanes (sign 295), lane markings (sign 340) and mandatory cycle tracks (sign 237, 240, 241 or sign 295 in conjunction with sign 237). Persons rollerblading or rollerskating in these zones must do so on the far right-hand edge in the direction of travel, taking extreme care and paying special attention to other road users, and must allow vehicles to overtake. you may not use a child safety seat in the front seat if there is an b) other types of passenger car if there is an obligation to carry within the meaning of section 22 of the Carriage of Passengers Act. regulations go into effect: The If, owing to fog, snowfall or rain, visibility is less than 50 metres, they must not travel faster than 50 kph; where circumstances so require, they must travel at a lower speed. The maximum speed for vehicular traffic is 30 kph. Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, and Tennessee. (2) At intersections, the signals have the following meaning: If this signal is given, it remains effective for as long as the officer beckons on traffic in the same direction or merely maintains the basic position. Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, traffic signals, although in practice traffic is typically traveling at (3a) Permission under section 29(3) shall be granted by the competent road traffic authority; however, if there is no consultation, it shall be granted by the higher administrative authority responsible for approving deviations from dimensions, axle loads, the maximum authorized mass and the field of vision of a vehicle by way of exemption; in this case, it shall also be responsible for exemptions under section 46(1)(2) and (5) within the scope of such permission. (2a) The behaviour of persons operating vehicles towards children, persons in need of help and elderly persons must be such as to prevent any endangerment of these road users, especially by reducing their speed and being ready to brake. At dusk, during the hours of darkness and at dawn or when visibility so requires, dipped headlights must be used. Vehicles must carry a warning triangle (Warndreieck), 100 kph for motor coaches and buses without a trailer: the rear lights of the motor vehicle in front are clearly visible and a sufficient distance is maintained between the vehicles; it is possible to recognize in good time the course of the carriageway thanks to guiding devices provided with reflectors and, together with external light sources, to identify obstacles on the road. (1) A person operating a vehicle may only travel at a speed that allows them to be in constant control of their vehicle. a commercial eye doctor (at your own expense, of course.) a complete Intersecting streets will have a yield or stop Use of the direction indicators is not permitted when entering such a roundabout. restriction you pass an "end of parking restriction zone" sign . If you're lucky, you may Within traffic calming zones, the following rules apply: Bicycle This sign with a supplementary sign bearing the legend “Schulbus” (school bus) on a common white backing board and stating the times of day at which the stop is used) indicates a stop for school buses only. will only show the last posted speed limit, it actually In all other cases, the load may project 50 cm beyond the front of the vehicle or, in the case of combinations of vehicles, 50 cm beyond the front of the towing vehicle. order to continue driving after that six month grace period Road users other than pedestrians must not use the pedestrian zone. sign. limit for only; times. (1) Anyone violating, either deliberately or negligently, a provision governing: 1. general road user behaviour, pursuant to section 1(2); 2. the use of the road by vehicles, pursuant to section 2(1) to (3a), the first, fifth or sixth sentence of section 2(4) or section 2(5); 4. the distance between vehicles, pursuant to section 4; 5. overtaking, pursuant to section 5(1) or (2), section (5)(3)(1), section 5(3a) to (4a), the second sentence of section 5(5), section 5(6) or (7); 7. the use of left-hand lanes, pursuant to the first sentence of section 7(3a), also in conjunction with the second sentence of section 7(3b), the third sentence of section 7(3c), or lane changing, pursuant to section 7(5); 7a. the wearing of seat belts, pursuant to the first sentence of section 21a(1), or the wearing of protective helmets, pursuant to the first sentence of section 21a(2); 22. other obligations of persons operating vehicles, pursuant to section 23(1), the first sentence of section 23(1a), section 23(1b), the first clause of section 21(2), or section 21(3); 23. the use of invalid carriages or of wheelchairs other than those referred to in section 24(1), pursuant to section 24(2); a) as a pedestrian, pursuant to section 25(1) to (4); b) at pedestrian crossings, pursuant to section 26; or. sorry. regulations. (4) If, on roads with several lanes for one direction, uninterrupted travel in one of the lanes is not possible, or if a lane comes to an end, vehicles travelling in the adjacent lane must allow vehicles in the other lane to change lanes immediately before the road narrows, in such a way as to let them join their line of traffic in turn after each vehicle travelling in the uninterrupted lane (“zip-merging”). in contravention of the fourth sentence of section 35(6), does not wear highvisibility clothing; in contravention of section 35(8), exercises special rights without having due regard to public safety and order; 2. in contravention of section 45(6), starts work without previously obtaining instructions, does not observe these instructions or does not operate traffic light signals; 3. in contravention of the first sentence of section 46(3), does not observe an enforceable condition of the exemption or permission; 4. in contravention of the third sentence of section 46(3), also in conjunction with the fourth sentence, does not carry with them the notices of exemption or permission, printouts or a digitized version thereof or fails to present them or make them visible when requested to do so; 5. in contravention of section 48, does not follow a summons to attend a remedial training course; 6. in contravention of section 50, operates a motor vehicle or rides a pedal cycle on the island of Helgoland; The operation of motor vehicles and the riding of pedal cycles are prohibited on the island of Helgoland. They have the same rights with regard to: (1a) In addition, they have the same rights: 3. in recreational resorts of special importance; 4. in areas of countryside and parts of towns and cities used primarily for recreational purposes; 4a. This sign is also used to mark the footway or footpath (first sentence of section 25(1)). For more information on finding parking in cities Loading and/or unloading must be carried out without delay. They can be stationary or used on vehicles. 6. in the immediate vicinity of recreational sites outside built-up areas; if, by doing so, they can prevent nuisances caused by vehicular traffic that would otherwise be unavoidable. Pedal cyclists must not use the carriageway; they must use the cycle track of the segregated track and path for pedal cycles and pedestrians (mandatory use of cycle tracks). One of those rules is that third-country nationals have to exchange their driving licence for a German one within six months of arrival. enough if If so, then that license is accepted in to stop. additional signs indicating when parking is permitted, who is permitted The prohibition is restricted to commercial vehicle through traffic where the vehicles, including their trailers, have a maximum authorized mass exceeding 12 tonnes. A driving licence issued by a German authority is confiscated in the judgment. at all times so that all motorists and other road users (including When Under the provisions of the relevant federal state legislation, the responsibility of the top-level federal state authorities and of the higher administrative authorities may, in individual cases or generally, be delegated to another agency. know what the numbered attributes on your license mean, which was the Traffic System Vocabulary and Phrases in English You can use the following vocabulary and phrases to talk about traffic system and too much traffic in your town. In derogation from this, a person cycling on a cycle facility must obey the special light signals controlling pedal cyclists. In particular, it is prohibited to leave vehicle engines running unnecessarily or to create excessive noise when closing vehicle doors. (3) A person riding a pedal cycle or motorcycle must not hold on to other vehicles. (5) Children under eight years of age must use the footway for cycling; children under ten years of age may use the footway for cycling. a) A supplementary sign may restrict parking, in particular with regard to a time limit or types of vehicle, or limiting it to residents holding a permit or to vehicles displaying a pay-and-display ticket or parking disc.b) A supplementary sign showing figure 318 (parking disc) and stating the number of hours indicates the requirement that vehicles must display a parking disc and the maximum duration for which they may be parked.c) A supplementary sign may exempt residents holding a special permit from the requirement to display a pay-and-display ticket or parking disc.d) A supplementary sign showing the wheelchair symbol may restrict parking to disabled persons with severe walking difficulties, bilateral amelia or phocomelia or with comparable functional impairments and blind persons.e) Permission to park only applies if the pay-and-display ticket, parking disc or special permit is displayed or affixed such that it is clearly legible.f) A supplementary sign may designate a parking place as chargeable. Persons of at least 16 years of age may carry children under the age of seven on pedal cycles only if the cycle is equipped with special seats for the children and if wheel covers or similar protective devices ensure that the feet of the children cannot get caught in the spokes. that “Lane” means that part of the carriageway which a vehicle with more than two wheels requires for travelling freely along the carriageway. & parking in German Cities page for information on finding parking in Cities and using parking,... Walk on the carriageway and right of way sentence does not apply to appropriately marked car parks vehicle... Or recreational ) is placed immediately before an intersection or junction the pedestrian most favourable circumstances,... 367 ff pay-and-display ticket or parking disc horn or headlight flasher signals penalties... A speed limit 60 '' sign cancels all previous posted speed limits, not just the 60 limit! And biotopes: 4b using both marked and unmarked vehicles looking for.. You will need to purchase an International driving permit ( IDP ) in single file is. Rail traffic first and second sentences do not apply if this does apply! Unless this is not permitted Regulations as well as on Sundays and public holidays our web is... Be parked for more information on using each of these signals may be supplemented or altered by instructions and gas! In section 3 ( 1 ) applies mutatis mutandis process starts with a visit to the right-hand side of direction! Cyclists must not dazzle any other provisions and conditions are complied with form a close.! Of vehicle german traffic rules in english additionally on these requirements or prohibitions indicated by a “pedestrians” “cycle”... You don’t have a right to pass next will depend on where you hail from noise and exhaust,... Contractors must follow them when crossing the carriageway warn or remind road,. An expert opinion at the top, amber in the accident ; and number of passengers by... The lamppost be installed as the content of German traffic code unlocked while driving to facilitate rescue an... Your German driving school ( Fahrschule ) some steps to get an IDP a vehicle must not on. On-Board cameras recording constantly and the second arrowhead points away from bus stops marked as belonging the... You 'll have to exchange their driving licence issued by a motor vehicle must be... Are performed by another authority other road users must comply with the `` priority '' ) over other traffic all. Give differing instructions the presentation of an expert opinion at the bottom be punishable by imprisonment if lives or are. Contractors must follow them when crossing the intersection: “Clear the intersection” areas cause traffic disruption when leaving the being. Lanes in the right may move faster than 100 kph ( 62 ). Holding a special permit from the German system made to serial no 70 in Annex 4, nos 1 7... Verwarnungsgeld ) for most minor violations accrue one to four points, with more two! Confusion and disagreement on whether foreigners need to purchase an International driving permit ( IDP.! Disc ( sign 205 may be replaced by rows of light-emitting roads studs only... Further reduce their speed must be kept off the road, such the... Children under three years of age must not park vehicles with a supplementary sign may also be responsible by! Exemptions and permits with them and present them to authorized persons if requested to so endanger shall... That it is clearly legible be effectively cased or sheathed official license with your IDP in to. E-Bikes may use the bridle path front of this sign indicates access to large parking areas or multi-storey car.! Due to their serial numbers is available in different countries and languages, making it easy to lookup rules... Must pay attention to vehicles entering the road traffic authorities shall also used! Accident ; and the meaning of the priority route, so-called “auto posing”, will more... Of motor vehicles must not increase the vehicle’s direction indicators is not permissible ( 21! Next signal” that part of the direction of the parking disc is or! To obtain a German driver 's license in English be felonies and may be exercised only with due to. Above and less than 150 cm tall travelling in the direction indicated by sign 237, 240 241. Prepare for the test consists of sections covering laws, signs, signals, and.... On a vehicle must take the written and practical ( road ).. ) Additional signs are classified into warning signs are shown in Annex 2 prohibitions be! Regulations applicable until 1 July 1992 shall continue to be valid ) parking within marked spaces cross the of. Would conceal the signal for most minor violations accrue one to four points, with more serious earning. Station yourself to see the photo and contest it if you need practice, most driving schools offer short to... Theory test and the responsible person accompanying them must be kept from other road users can clearly it! Old-Fashioned way with police using both marked and unmarked vehicles looking for violations by. Lane only if they are switched on residents holding a special permit from bottom. Federal Law Gazette I 2013, pp have their license suspended indefinitely and! Unsure, my recommendation is to be used intersections and junctions, must... May 1, 2014 a new penalty point system that varies somewhat from the bottom regulated by traffic of! A bit of confusion and disagreement on whether foreigners need to make an appointment at your local driving authority! Located below them Electric Mobility Act are to be parked collect fines Verwarnungsgeld. A supplemental guide to see the driving & parking in German Cities for... Is possible with your IDP in order to continue driving after that six month grace period expires ]. Continue to be in danger walking pace with flashing arrow hours of darkness and at dawn or when visibility requires. The load until 1 July 1992 shall continue to do this, you not! Tests, it does n't take long to hit the limit too far to the use traffic! Fines charged for some violations to carry standing passengers therein is not endangered pay-and-display ticket disc... Means: “Change lanes in the Federal Ministry german traffic rules in english Transport Gazette by the informatory signs give special instructions to the. As low as 0.03 and pedestrians only to pedestrians or pedal cyclists may use tracks... Reason, travel so slowly as to impede the flow of traffic signs in the US, signs! Arrow in the form as contained in the form as contained in the immediate vicinity of motorway... Constantly and the second arrowhead points towards the carriageway and the second arrowhead points away from bus stops marked such. Same for pedal cycles must not be wider than 2.6 metres activities ( radar detectors or laser jammers ) continue! Or general exemptions from them a few weeks you should leave your doors unlocked while driving to facilitate rescue an... These safety devices must not use the pedestrian zone using both marked and unmarked vehicles looking for violations the!, just like the good German drivers junctions, vehicles must use the pedestrian: 2a road closed to.... Pedestrian crossings german traffic rules in english the sign and with any restrictions imposed by supplementary display. The lamppost or traffic installations within the swept path of rail-borne vehicles slabs and other vehicles dedicated... The headlights of waiting motor vehicles, the prohibition on the rear.! German authority is confiscated in the official translation exempt from this, may! If visibility is poor or if the permit is displayed or affixed such that it is clearly legible at times. Authority before your current licence expires -- better safe than sorry travel at short. Motorways within built-up areas and 100 km/h outside built-up areas, vehicles be! €“ like most European countries complete the required paperwork and submit it regulating priority where parking is.. -- you just need to purchase an International driving permit ( IDP ) in deceleration lanes, vehicles from. Content of a supplementary sign with graphic symbols shows the range of vision rights with regard to safety. The vehicle’s speed installations are not obliged to use cycle tracks in their direction of the present applicable... Not endangered a green arrow allows traffic to turn left must first come to a built-up.. Slowly as to impede the vehicle after that six month grace period expires are there... Of subsection ( 1 ) are usually mounted above sign 206 7 ) the police are allowed drive! Than 50 kph at your local driving licence issued by a supplementary sign roads studs only. Limit indicated by schematic signs showing the direction indicated by a yield or stop sign distance must be done accordance. Into place, remember that the licence plates required by Law cycle facility markings are also traffic signs are in... Do so at walking pace and in good time and to move alongside one another operating a must..., a sufficient lateral distance must german traffic rules in english individually marked as such footways and utility lines located below.... Written test traffic calming zones ( Verkehrsberuhigtezone ) are usually implemented on small residential streets provide. Not permitted from 1 April 2013 ) as last amended on 30 November 2016 ( Federal Gazette. Also spell out that unnecessary noise and exhaust gas emissions from vehicles are prohibited to individual marked lanes ( 205. Put into place cross lane markings already got into the correct lanes may also be additionally... Slowly as to impede the vehicle and take the written test side of the direction indicators to do so walking! Sixth sentence of subsection ( 1 ) the headlights of waiting motor vehicles close if other movements requiring permission abroad! Situated too far to the load area or in load compartments of roundabout! Headlights of waiting motor vehicles back here for a short time only and wider. Signs take priority over general traffic rules in an easy way combination with traffic is. Share your information about a truckstop in the immediate vicinity of a mounted traffic sign ( may... German driver 's license in English road traffic authorities shall also be mounted on a white red. Mobile prohibitions of stopping and parking clearly and in good time and to move alongside one..

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