Your life on social media:

Your life on social media, particularly if you are in active litigation: Everyone reads what you post; it stays there forever, no matter how hard you scrub your sites. This means that people that wish you ill will be reading EVERTHING you EVER posted. You can’t change the past; you CAN stop the bleeding. Don’t […]

Neb. Rev. Stat. section 45-145.01

About two years ago, I wrote to the editor of the Custer County Chief, suggesting that the candidates for Nebraska Attorney General ought to consider enforcing Neb. Rev. Stat. section 48-145.01, which imposes criminal and civil penalties on employers who are too cheap to pay for workers’ compensation insurance. So far as I know, the […]

William J. Erickson, Esq.

I am a lawyer in general practice.  I’m very proud of that distinction.  I can do more things for my clients than any three specialists, and I can do them without getting in my own way or double-billing.  I strive for a “full-service” practice, where I can meet as many of my client’s needs as […]